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The M25 Rocker is part of the new “Milled” collection bringing the best automotive grade paint finishes together with incredibly detailed CNC milled accents. The Rocker features a new finish for MSA Offroad Wheels, a deep semi-gloss black paint that offers a hint of the flat black but just enough gloss to give a subtle reflection.

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The manufacturing process: Each M25 Rocker wheel is hit with a thick coat of semi-gloss black paint before it is shipped off to the MSA Wheels’ CNC department, where our team of operators meticulously vertical mill just enough virgin aluminum from each inner spoke to lighten the wheel and expose a beautiful aluminum accent. The milling operation is very time consuming and requires a trained operator to cut to exact specifications to ensure the paint has a strong, detailed edge. What makes this process so cool is that each wheel is 100% unique because the milling process creates a blade fingerprint on each wheel. Unlike chrome or polished aluminum, you will be able to see the cut marks in each raw aluminum accent. The M25 Rocker is available in 14×7 in two offsets, +10mm and -47mm, for a variety of fitments.

Each wheel comes stock with MSA Wheels’ exclusive bolt-on cap system, ensuring that no matter how hard you push your machine, your caps will always stay put. This unique cap system allows for some awesome customization as MSA offers all of their interchangeable bolt-on caps in a myriad of cap colors and center star colors.

The M25 Rocker is available online or via your local dealer so check for availability, pricing and customization. Concerned about the warranty of any MSA Wheels product? Not to worry, they offer a full lifetime structural warranty on all of their wheels. You bend it, break it or crack it, they replace it. Simple as that.

The M25 Rocker is available in the following sizes:
14×7” with a +10mm offset (4+3)
14×7” with a -47mm offset (2+5)

Available Fitments:
4×110, 4×137, 4×156

MSRP: $TBD, Pre-Orders available, shipping ETA Thanksgiving 2014.

For more information, please contact MSA Offroad Wheels: (800) 734-4890 //www.msawheels.com