Fluidlogic, Leader in High Performance Hydration System

FluidLogic, leader in high performance hydratation system


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FluidLogic, the leader in high-performance Active Hydration systems helping people thrive and live healthier lives through intelligent hydration. If you’re not familiar with Fluid Logic, they have been providing hydration solutions for professional racers and race teams across off-road and on-road racing, including SCORE, NASCAR and IndyCar. That said, their expertise goes way beyond motorsports and into the broader realm of hydration and its impact on human performance.

high performance hydratation system

But just in case you’re thinking hydration isn’t all that big of a deal, consider the facts:

  • “THIRSTY = DEHYDRATED” – the fact is, the minute you feel thirsty and grab for water, you’re already dehydrate In truth, the majority of us our dehydrated on a daily basis. We simply don’t understand dehydration like with think we do.
  • Hydration is KEY to performance – 1% of dehydration results in a 17% decrease in performance? SEVENTEEN. Now crank up that percentage with every single digit of dehydration. Suddenly that’s a REAL BIG number.

FluidLogic’s goal is to change the way we think about hydration…to realize that dehydration is occurring LONG before you feel it. And when it comes to anyone for whom physical and mental performance is a priority, it’s hands down something critical and essential to performance and outcomes. That’s why racers like Ricky Stenhouse JR, Tyler Reddick, Mitch Guthrie, Ryan Arciero and Jeff Proctor are already using it.

More About FluidLogic

FluidLogic system

The FluidLogic system is truly an innovation and unlike anything else on the market. It completely removes any concerted effort to hydrate, but uses digital biotechnology to intuitively keep you hydrated while you’re training and competing. The innovative system takes the thinking out of drinking and offers hands-free, worry-free hydration while in motion. 

This is done through an integrated system which includes an app that gives the driver full control over their hydration profile. The FluidLogic App enables full customization according to each drivers’ unique needs including volume and pressure of dispensed hydration, as well as the interval at which the water is dispensed. This is done by a steering wheel or dash mounted LED light that blinks to remind a driver to drink, providing a constant level of optimal hydration, rehydrating the driver and keeping peak performance.

Hydration Myths

Hydration Myths

Misconceptions about optimal hydration can negatively impact our actions and overall health. Here are a few facts that may surprise you.

Consuming sports drinks are the best way to hydratePure water absorbs faster than any other liquid – can be absorbed within 5-10 minutes after consumption
Thirst is the best indicator of hydrationBy the time you feel thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated
Drink as much water as you can to avoid dehydration8 glasses of water a day will do the trick!

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated – many factors, including activity level, biometrics, and environment impact hydration.