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2018 Argo Lineup

2018 Argo Lineup


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We traveled to EFX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota where ARGO would unveil its vehicle 2018 Argo lineup for 2018. This past year (2017) was an important year for Argo, as it not only commemorated their 50th anniversary, it also marked their reach beyond the amphibious market with the introduction of a new product line.

When you mention the Argo branding to an enthusiast or consumer, Argo has always been viewed as the world’s leading amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV) manufacturer. However, consumer’s perception of the Argo branding will change, as Argo tackles the ATV market with the 2018 Xplorer ATV lineup.

You may be asking yourself why would Argo, a company that has dominated the amphibious market, even consider launching itself in such an extremely competitive market? Good question!

According to the figures presented to us, 64% of dealers surveyed were interested in carrying the new Argo ATV lineup. Plus add to this that 67% of current Argo XTV owners also own an ATV from another OEM. So based on these statistics alone, competitive market or not Argo needed to try to corner a piece of this market.

2018 Argo Lineup

The new ARGO Xplorer series lineup of ATVs is a first for the company which for 50 years has made its mark in the powersports industry with its unique, amphibious vehicles, renowned for their ‘go anywhere’ capabilities.

The new 2018 ATV line up will be branded under the name Argo Xplorer and will be available in 2 engine displacements, 503cc and 997cc. The 503cc single cylinder engine produces 39 HP whereas the V-twin, 997cc, 4-stroke, single overhead cam engine will produce 85 HP according to Argo.

The Argo Xplorer will be available in 1-up riding with the XR 500 in base, EPS and LE configurations and for 2-up riders with the XRT 500 base, EPS and LE or XRT 1000 LE.

The EPS models feature the Tri Mode Speed Sensitive Electronic Power Steering (TMSS EPS) that provides riders with selectable minimum and maximum assist to ensure all day comfort and increased rider control, eliminating kickback while minimizing steering effort in tight turns and rocky terrain.

The LE models include some aggressive styling features; 26-inch premium Innova tires mounted on 14-inch black aluminum wheels, single handlebar mounted halogen headlight, dual under rack mounted projector beams and chrome dual exhaust outlets.

Our first impressions of the overall Argo Xplorer ATV lineup for 2018 are positive! However, as with all new production vehicles, we wouldn’t be surprised to see improvements being made as consumers start stacking up “real life” kilometers on them.

We also feel the new Xplorer ATV lineup will definitely appeal to Argo’s existing consumer base. New consumers which had no interest or need for amphibious vehicles in the past may now also be drawn towards Argo due to this new impressing ATV lineup.

So in other words, if Argo’s goal was to obtain a piece of the ATV market, the evolution of this product lineup will surely achieve this for them.

The new 2018 ARGO Xplorer series of ATV models has already begun and vehicles will be available in dealerships across North America for the fall selling season.

As far as the Argo XTV vehicles are concerned, for 2018 the lineup has undergone some very exciting cosmetic changes.

The 2018 Frontier series will now feature: new Black paint accent on the Wilderness series, new Black Nickel hardware, new Standard and Deluxe seats, new Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo and new Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camo themes.

The 2018 Avenger Series will now feature: new Black paint accent on the Wilderness series, new Black Nickel hardware, new Standard and Premium seats, new Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo and new Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camo themes as well as a new Commercial XT model.

The 2018 Conquest series will now feature: new Black accent paint, new Black Nickel hardware, new Deluxe seats, new Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo and New Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camo themes as well as a new Commercial XT-X and XT-L Model.

The Avenger and Conquest series will now also benefit from a quieter muffler. Unfortunately none of the models present at the intro ride had this new exhaust; however, Argo states that this new muffler will be -9 dba quieter than its previous model.

Featuring industry leading terrain capabilities, excellent value and enhanced performance, the complete 2018 ARGO XTV lineup is categorized into two distinct vehicle families: Recreation and Commercial.

It should also be noted that for 2018, Argo has reduced its XTV line up to 13 recreational units and 5 commercial models.

2018 Argo Lineup

Recreational Lineup

The Frontier Series: these entry-level models are both fun and fuel-efficient and are outfitted for maximum comfort. These units give riders of all abilities a completely new way to experience the outdoors.

Depending on the model, the new Frontier Series of vehicles come powered by a 23hp – 26 HP electronic fuel-injected air-cooled Kohler Command Pro engine, coupled with an efficient standard or high torque steering transmission for great performance in challenging terrain. With significant updates for 2018, the ARGO Frontier Series look to continue to build on the strong heritage that has helped them to become ARGO’s best-selling amphibious six-wheeler in company history.


• Frontier 6×6 SE
• Frontier 6×6 Scout S
• Frontier 6×6 ST Limited
• Frontier 8×8 S
• Frontier 8×8 Scout S
• Frontier 8×8 S Limited

The Avenger Series: full-size multi-passenger XTVs that feature added power and custom trim packages for high-performance riding.

For customers who prefer a larger, more robust machine, the 2018 Avenger Series models are the most popular vehicles in ARGO’s XTV lineup, with a 30 HP liquid-cooled electronic fuel-injected Kohler engine providing plenty of power for making it through sand, snow, swamps or whatever you can throw at it.

Also under the Avenger Series banner is the top-of-the-line ARGO Avenger 8×8 LX, featuring an upgraded triple differential ADMIRAL HS steering transmission capable of reaching a top end speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), 30 percent faster than any other ARGO on the market. Luxuriously designed for long rides with ultimate comfort, the ARGO Avenger 8×8 LX includes an onboard entertainment system and a set of ultra-low pressure tires on dual beadlock rims for a smoother, more comfortable ride over rough terrain, putting it in a class of its own when it comes to all-season, all-terrain amphibious vehicles.


• Avenger 8×8 ST
• Avenger 8×8 STR
• Avenger 8×8 LX
• Avenger 8×8 ST Limited
• Avenger 8×8 Hunt Master
• Avenger 8×8 Hunt Master R

The Conquest Series: Designed to meet the specifications of hunt camp operators, lodge owners, and big game hunters who traverse the world’s toughest terrain, the new 2018 ARGO Conquest 8×8 Outfitter is a hunter’s dream come true. Built on the XT platform and powered by a 30 hp 748 cc electronic fuel-injected Kohler engine, coupled with an efficient ADMIRAL steering transmission for great performance in challenging terrain, the Conquest 8×8 Outfitter is unlike any other off-road hunting vehicle on the market.


• Conquest 8×8 Outfitter

Commercial Lineup

The Avenger Series: ARGO’s 2018 Avenger commercial models are designed for demanding commercial uses and have what people need to get their job done. With a choice of either the multi-purpose Avenger 8×8 XT in industrial yellow or the Avenger 8×8 XT Responder designed for reliable off-road search and rescue, both will crawl, swim or climb anywhere you have to go, with the equipment and tools you need, at a cost you can afford.


• Avenger 8×8 XT Responder
• Avenger 8×8 XT

The Conquest Series: Providing customers in the utilities, oil & gas and mining industries among others with extra power, capacity, versatility and safety, the new 2018 ARGO Conquest commercial models include a number of custom improvements to get the job done, no matter the terrain, weather or application.

From the hydraulic rear power dump box of the heavy duty ARGO Conquest 8×8 XT-X to the Lineman package of the ARGO Conquest 8×8 XT-L allowing utility workers to transport transformers, pull cables or bore footings on the most remote work sites, ARGO’s top of the line commercial models are designed to make workers’ jobs easier and get them home safe.


Conquest 8×8 XT
Conquest 8×8 XT-X
Conquest 8×8 XT-L

Assembly line production of the new 2018 ARGO XTVs has already begun and vehicles will be available in dealerships across North America and around the world soon.

For 50 years, ARGO has built the most successful amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles in the world. With a multitude of applications including commercial, public sector, robotics, and personal recreation, ARGO’s will climb, crawl or swim anywhere users need to go.

To learn more on the entire ARGO 2018 line up, please visit your local dealer or consult