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2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo

2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo Lineup


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Reinforcing its expert position in the mud segment of the off-road industry, Can-Am launches its all-new awe-inspiring 72-in. (182.9 cm) 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R and 64-in. (162.5 cm) Maverick X3 X mr Turbo side-by-side vehicles. The amplified Maverick X3 family juggernauts arrive from the factory with a purpose-built, mud-ready design that will easily stimulate enthusiasts, from racers to recreational riders, to seek out the nastiest of mud holes and slickest trails.

The 172hp Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R and 120hp Maverick X3 X mr Turbo vehicles are each specially configured for conquering abysmal terrain. The industry-exclusive front differential system with Smart-Lok™ technology is on each Maverick X3 X mr package, supplyingthem with insane amounts of traction for when the trail turns hostile. The factory-installed snorkeled CVT and engine intakes ensure flawless execution when tackling wet and muddy conditions. Can-Am designed two different Maverick X3 X mr packages to appeal to performance enthusiasts’ budgets as well as their love for going deep.

Mud riders are meticulous in their approach. Correctly prepping a vehicle and its overall capabilities can mean the difference between sucking mud and succeeding in it! The new 172hp Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R and 120hp X3 X mr Turbo (no intercooler) packages removethe guess work with their high-quality, mud-capable setups. Can-Am engineers methodically, through extensive research and design, built the Maverick X3 X mr family to offer maneuverability in the muck, as well as comfort and control on the trail. On top of their Defiant, Precise and Powerful makeup and family’s signature DNA, the industry’s most dominant mud vehicles include mandatory features for ensuring clean breathing, unsurpassed traction, high clearance, precise control and both occupant comfort and safety.

2018 Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R

The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle has an extremely bold character that undeniably separates it from the crowd, and it is designed so the occupants feel connected to its every move. The Maverick X3 X mr side-by-side is comfortable and intuitive, inspiring confidence directly to the driver no matter the skill level.


The all-new, specialty Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R vehicle is a legitimate mud freak as you will ever see. At the very heart of this game-changing, specialty super-sport vehicle rests the 172hp Rotax ACE triple-cylinder turbocharged engine, the industry’s first turbocharged
vehicle specifically for the mud AND the most powerful. Equipped with a wide, 72-in. (182.9 cm) stance and the industry’s longest wheelbase (102-in. / 259.1 cm), a long-travel suspension with premium FOX shocks, and a revolutionary lockable front differential with Smart-Lok technology, the X3 X mr Turbo R vehicle is the very definition of mud monster!

The 64-in. (162.5 cm) wide Maverick X3 X mr Turbo vehicle is also highly skilled in the mud, as it includes many of the same key components as the wider, more-powerful Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R vehicle. However, a few strategic package changes versus its higher-horsepower sibling create a solid vehicle that’s both friendlier on the pocket book and gifted in unpredictable terrain like mud.


Unique and unprecedented design

The Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr side-by-side vehicles supply the same X3 family adrenaline rush, but do so with an intimidating mud-ready package. A special-use focus blended with performance-driven mechanical and structural designs create a vehicle that looks mean and
also provides a distinct advantage when mastering muddy terrain, where traction, ground clearance and durability are a must.

Intensified Can-Am DNA
The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle has a superior fit and finish, and the advanced design focuses squarely on the driver and passenger. Its unique visual statement starts in the front with signature LEDs and a distinctive Can-Am family appearance, then moves through the advanced cockpit, and ends with its aggressive and energetic rear end. The X mr family features a unique graphics package and captivating color scheme, as well as all the necessary mud attire, giving it a disruptive identity with a thirst for mud.

Exclusive coloration and components
The 172hp Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R package is available in a stunning Triple Black and Sunburst Yellow coloration and Sunburst Yellow cage. The 120hp Maverick X3 X mr Turbo vehicle also wears a Triple Black and Sunburst Yellow finish but has a black cage. Both vehicles feature a matching bumper, hood, A-arms, and trailing arms.

2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo Lineup


Low seating position
All Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo side-by-side vehicles have a low seating position that encapsulates both driver and passenger so they feel at one with the vehicle and connected to its every move. This bold configuration, especially in the rocks, allows drivers to quickly interpret vehicle attitude and react to maximize performance.

Elevated ground clearance
The Maverick X3 X mr family of mud-ready side-by-side vehicles have exceptional ground clearance (15-in. / 38.1 cm on the X3 X mr Turbo R and 14-in. / 35.6 cm on the X3 X mr Turbo) to accommodate varying conditions, but especially the unpredictability of mud. Its dominant stance creates optimal off-road capabilities without compromise to the occupants’ line-of-sight.

Smooth line of sight
Visibility is critical for precision driving in difficult terrain, which is why the Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle is designed with a smooth line of sight to create an optimized field of vision for both occupants.

2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo Lineup


Optimized control positions
The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle has everything in the right place with easy-to-access controls. The race-inspired, flat-bottom steering wheel tilts up to 25 degrees and has an integrated gauge for optimal visibility at any angle. There is also a panoramic mirror for excellent rear visibility to see other drivers lagging behind. The multifunction analog / digital gauge includes a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip and hour meters, fuel, gear position, sport mode, ECO mode, seat belt and 4×4 indicator, diagnostics, clock and auto shut off.

Superior mechanics
Once inside the cockpit of the Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle, mechanical elements are strategically positioned to enhance the dynamic performance, seamlessly connecting the passenger to the vehicle. The interior is insightfully and purposefully configured, providing naturally positioned passenger grab bars, angled footrests for both the driver and passenger and a sports car-like centered accelerator and brake pedals.

ErgoPrint X-package seats
The Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr side-by-side vehicles features driver-focused, rally car-like seating for optimal positioning and ergonomics. The unique ErgoPrint seat shape is ideal for support and weight distribution, providing excellent comfort and bump absorption. The
one-piece molded seats feature a special X-package trim, with Sunburst Yellow highlights, for a customized look and feel. They are four-way adjustable – 2-in. (5.1 cm) in height and 6-in. (15.2 cm) in forward-rearward slide. They sit on mud-proof supports and have removable cushions for easy cleaning.

3-point seat belts
The Maverick X3 X mr Turbo family comes standard with 3-point seat belts from the factory, but is 4- and 5-point harness ready, should an owner want to upgrade.

Easy to accessorize
Although they’re built for a day’s battle in the mud, the Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr side-by-side vehicles are extremely easy to accessorize for further customization. Available items include bumpers, lighting, sound systems, cargo racks and roofs. Installation is designed to be quick and easy, especially when using Can-Am LinQ accessories. An integrated wiring channel and ground post was incorporated for easy electronics installation.

The Can-Am Maverick X3 vehicles feature a best-in-class high-performance suspension with ideal front and rear balance (44% front / 56% rear) premium FOX 2.5 PODIUM Piggyback QS3 shocks and a new state-of-the-art electronically controlled front differential with Smart-Lok technology and presets for mud riding. It rests on an ultra-efficient, lightweight chassis and delivers superb performance through optimized handling. Ample braking and a strategic design also enhance the driving experience.

2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo Lineup

TTX rear suspension
• The Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R side-by-side vehicle features an industry leading 24-in. (61 cm) of suspension travel. The amazing four-link TTX suspension features a trophy truck-like trailing arm and three links that control wheel toe for optimal geometry during extra high wheel travel. On the X mr Turbo R vehicle, the lower links are arched for even more clearance while navigating through irregular terrain. Components are perfectly matched for an unparalleled power transfer to the wheels and high traction with virtually no bump steer. The suspension system also offers precision control, traction and more confidence at both low speed crawls and trail runs at higher speeds.
• The 120hp Maverick X3 X mr Turbo vehicle has a very comfortable and capable 20-in. (50.8 cm) of front and rear suspension travel, which is better than any competitive vehicle in the market, to enrich the overall off-road experience.

Front A-arm suspension
The Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R has a trophy-truck inspired front architecture with an arched double tubular A-arm and sway bar. The setup significantly increases ground clearance (total of up to 15-in.) and approach angle capacity, while also delivering a whopping 22-in. (55.9 cm) of travel. The Maverick X3 X mr Turbo package is no slouch either, supplying 20-in. (50.8 cm) of travel, which comes in handy when traversing muddy and rutted terrain.

State-of-the-art FOX Podium QS3 shocks
Both Maverick X3 X mr vehicles feature the premium FOX 2.5 Podium HPG Piggyback shocks with front and rear QS3 (Quick Switch) compression adjustment and rear bottom-out control for a quick and easy set up.


Ultra-light and rigid chassis
The Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr family features an ultra-light, rigid chassis made of cutting-edge Dual-Phase 980 steel, which is lighter than traditional steel. This allows the chassis to deliver 53 percent better torsional stiffness while being 20 percent lighter than its closest competitor.

Industry-leading cage rigidity
The Can-Am Maverick X3 vehicle’s robust cage is also made of Dual-Phase 980 steel, which is extremely light and rigid. It is a 1.85-in. (4.7 cm) tubular, fully welded design – no bolts, no extra pieces – with dedicated servicing zones in case of repair or replacement. The cage is fully ROHVA compliant and creates a protective barrier around both driver and passenger.

Enhanced protection
The Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R and X3 X mr Turbo vehicles offer increased protection for all occupants. Like the other Maverick X3 Turbo vehicles in the family the X mr vehicles include the unique-and-unyielding cage, integrated front bumper and full heavy-duty HMW (high-molecular weight) polyethylene skid plate. The Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R package has half doors and a Sunburst Yellow cage. The X3 X mr Turbo vehicle comes standard with a black cage and half doors. Both vehicles offer capable 3-point seat belts as standard equipment.

2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo Lineup


Smart-Lok – Full lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically controlled automatic modes for mud A new industry standard, the electronically controlled front lockable differential system with Smart-Lok technology ensures maximum traction and enhanced slow-speed maneuverability especially in challenging terrain. The Smart-Lok system, developed in conjunction with TEAM Industries, takes integrated intelligence to new heights and allows on-the-fly adjustments. The differential can lock and unlock on the fly no matter the speed, letting the driver focus on the trail.

Smart-Lok offers intelligent modes for different riding conditions. The brain controlling this industry leading technology is the Front Differential Module, gathering input from six key vehicle parameters. It analyzes front wheel speed from both sides, steering angle, accelerator pedal, gear position, engine torque and vehicle speed. Depending on the readings and the Smart-Lok setting, the actuator will instantaneously initiate the locking of the front differential. The result is simple steering output (same as being fully open), allowing the driver to accurately conquer varying obstacles while maintaining momentum.

The driver has the option to select between four modes: 2×4 / 4×4 fully locked / 4×4 MUD and 4×4 TRAIL. The preset MUD and TRAIL settings were strategically calibrated to supply a more customized feel to match to specific terrain, conditions and demands. Our engineering team further refined the system by including hill descent control, which includes an Electronic Braking System (EBS) at all four wheels, for improved control and traction.

Optimal stability
The 102-in. (259.1 cm) wheelbase, which is a full 12-in. (30.5 cm) longer than the closest competitor, improves off-road capability by supplying more comfort and a confidence-inspiring ride at both high speeds and technical crawls. The elongated wheelbase, optimal weight distribution (44/56) and ample ground clearance [14-in. (35.6 cm) X3 X mr Turbo; 15-in. (38.1 cm) on the X3 X mr Turbo R] create optimum performance and stability in even the most appalling muck. The 8-in. (20.4 cm) broader stance on the 72-in. (182.9 cm) wide Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R also provides unmatched stability, when combined with its superior suspension, longer chassis and Smart-Lok technology system.

Superior grip and control
The Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R side-by-side vehicle wears 14-in. (35.6 cm) aluminum black beadlock wheels. The mechanical fastening beadlock system makes it nearly impossible for the tire bead to break loose from the wheel during heavy acceleration, cornering or when navigating a rock-strewn course. New, eight-ply 30-in. (76.2 cm) ITP Cryptid tires are purpose built to perform in muddy terrain. The tread pattern is designed to deliver unparalleled forward traction with a graduated lug height (up to 2 in. / 5.1 cm) inches at the tire’s shoulder. The resulting “paddle-like” shoulder design provides maximum side bite for climbing in and out of
the mud without compromising ride comfort on trails and hard pack. The grooved center lugs also channel away mud and create unmatched predictability in ruts.

4,500-lbs. (2,041 kg) winch with synthetic rope
Each Maverick X3 X mr Turbo packages include a 4,500-lbs. winch with a synthetic rope as mandatory equipment. The durable system, mounted near the front bumper of the vehicle, offers ample pulling strength. The synthetic rope is ideal because it’s both strong, lightweight, easy to clean and perfect in high-use situations.

Extraordinary braking power
The Can-Am Maverick X3 vehicles all have the same braking package for superior stopping performance. The vehicle includes large, twin piston calipers and 262 mm discs up front, and twin piston calipers and 248 mm discs at the rear. Each has high-performance brake pads for superior control. The master cylinder is located inside the cockpit for better protection.

Optimized ride control
The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle has many driver-centric features. An updated high-torque, Tri-Mode DPS system (Min, Med, Max) is designed to optimize the desired amount of steering assist for trail riding and in extremely difficult terrain where management at slo speed is a necessity. All Maverick X3 models come with Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC), which provides smooth throttle delivery even if the driver’s foot is bouncing in rough terrain. Both X3 X mr vehicles also have the race-inspired, quick-ratio steering wheel with just 1.5 turns lock-to-lock, for precise control.

2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo Lineup


Increased fuel capacity
Owners will focus more on driving and less on refueling with the Can-Am Maverick X3 family’s standard 10.5-Gal. (40 L) fuel tank — the largest in the industry.

Ample storage/cargo capacity
The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle offers a total of 2.5-Gal. / 9.4 L of storage by way of a fixed glove box, center console and two cup holders, because added convenience improves the overall performance package. Externally, there is a rear rack with a 200-lbs. 1 kg) capacity. The rack works with the Can-Am LinQ quick-attach accessory system, allowing easy installation and removal of a storage box, rack extension, bag or other items. The centre console includes a lighter-type DC outlet as well.

Latest ignition technology
The Can-Am Maverick X3 family features an automotive-like, keyless start-stop button activated by a Radio Frequency Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.) key. It also includes a separate learning key that limits speed and acceleration for novice drivers.

Simple maintenance
Like all members of its family, the Maverick X3 X mr vehicles have simplified maintenance. The front hood allows quick access to fluids and fuses, while snapfitted body panels allow for quick access to other key components. The hood and grill are also removable for easy radiator cleaning. Additionally, there is easy access to DIY pieces, including the radiator, battery, oil filter, fuel pump and turbo.

Maintenance free first year
The Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr Turbo vehicles have no break-in maintenance required and only an annual maintenance schedule, which means reduced total maintenance costs. The yearly advised maintenance is at 1,865 miles (3,000 km) or 200 hours.


Industry-leading 172hp turbocharged and intercooled Rotax engine
The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle has an industry-leading 172hp at 7,250 RPM and 124 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 RPM. Also, the industry-leading performance includes the ability to go from 0-60 MPH in only 4.4 seconds!

Power comes from an inline triple-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled Rotax ACE 900cc engine. The additional power boost is the result of resolute engineering and devotion to performance, one key pillar of all Can-Am vehicles’ DNA. The intercooler and fan (with additional fins) were redesigned to maximize heat transfer (upwards of 49 percent more heat flow). With the horsepower increase, a new fuel pump was added to create more volume to support the new power, expanding from 58 psi to 65 psi. Additionally, a new stiffer CVT belt uses an enhanced compound and offers stiffer lateral rigidity to meet the optimized performance demands.

120hp turbocharged Rotax engine
The all-new 2018 Maverick X3 X mr Turbo benefits from the X3 family’s revolutionary design, style and industry influence, delivering mud fanatics a nearly indomitable package an exceptional value. A spirited, 120hp turbocharged Rotax ACE inline triple-cylinder 900cc engine, which doesn’t include an intercooler, was recalibrated to obliterate the mud and the competition.

All the turbocharged Rotax ACE engines are located in the rear of the chassis, resulting in lower cockpit noise, vibration and heat. It also has iridium spark plugs, which provide improved combustion, longer life and lower maintenance.

Ultra-efficient intercooler
The Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R has a light and durable intercooler optimized for maximum cooling efficiency. Its large fan and optimized placement are engineered for performance without compromising visibility. (The 120hp Maverick X3 X mr Turbo does not
have an intercooler.)

Fully integrated turbo
An integrated Rotax turbocharger with high boost is located right next to the engine for an immediate power delivery. It’s built for performance, but its one-piece turbine housing and exhaust manifold also offer more durability.

Powerful 650-W magneto
Whether it is to install high-performance lighting or a ground-shaking sound system, the Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle’s high-output, 650-W magneto can handle it.


The specialty Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr Turbo R package arrives as the industry’s first turbocharged mud-specific side-by-side vehicle and also its most powerful at 172hp! The intercooled Rotax ACE triple-cylinder engine’s performance is unmatched.

The Maverick X3 X mr Turbo vehicle receives the Can-Am Maverick X3 family DNA and specialized mud components from the factory to ensure it outperforms the competition. Its turbocharged 120hp Rotax ACE engine separates it from vehicles within its class and supplies rock-riding enthusiasts an affordable option. Both vehicles also feature optimized airflow and a revised performance-tuned transmission, giving the Maverick X3 X mr Turbo family an advantage over the competition.


Improved airflow
The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle features a highly efficient airflow system that’s optimized from intake to exhaust to deliver superb engine efficiency and performance. The intake areas are strategically positioned high and dry for excellent mud/water protection.

2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X MR Turbo Lineup

Triple, dedicated air intake
There are three oversized air intakes located behind the driver that deliver a constant supply of clean air – two to cool the CVT and one for high airflow to the engine. The Maverick X3 also features an easy-to-access, long-lasting Donaldson air filter that’s purpose-built for performance.

Strategically Positioned Engine Air Intake and CVT Inlets / Outlets
There are four critical total components located high in the vehicle behind the driver’s seat that flow air for enhanced cooling and protection from the elements. Two serve as CVT air intakes, while a third is an engine intake that supplies the Rotax with optimal air supply. Another snorkel is designated for expelling the CVT exhaust and engine exhaust.

Enhanced exhaust
The Can-Am Maverick X3 vehicle’s turbine housing is integrated with the exhaust manifold, providing better airflow and minimizing pressure drop so the turbo has no lag. The large, sport-inspired exhaust has a unique and powerful sound signature, which only a Rotax three-cylinder engine can deliver!


High-response QRS-X CVT
The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle has a high-performance QRS-X CVT transmission in a compact gearbox that’s optimized to work in combination with the turbo to virtually eliminate turbo lag and enhance throttle response without torque interruption. It has a smooth and predictable engagement, and stays at an optimal RPM so the focus can be on driving and overall performance instead of shifting, even in the most severe conditions like hill climbing or muddy terrain.

Durable QRS-X CVT design
The QRS-X CVT transmission’s drive belt uses a special compound to produce a stiffer belt with more lateral rigidity. The Can-Am Maverick X3 family’s enormous power transfers into extreme capability using the long, wide CVT belt and a robust three-roller pulley design that includes integrated cooling fins for enhanced airflow. It is a gear-on-gear system with no rear prop shaft for more durability and no maintenance required.

Advanced cooling
The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle features improved airflow for optimized CVT cooling which provides better protection for longer-lasting CVT components (e.g. longer belt durability) and less maintenance. More fins were added to the fan to enhance heat transfer.

Simple transmission maintenance
The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle was designed for ease-of-maintenance with the transmission system by way of quick access to the filters, an easily removable CVT belt and easy-to-access CVT cover drain plug.


The turbocharged Can-Am Maverick X3 X mr Turbo side-by-side vehicles add to the X3 family’s industry dominance within the super-sport side-by-side segment with intense specialization and an attention-grabbing design. The ultra-defiant Maverick X3 X mr Turbo vehicles supply factory-installed dependability and mud-specific components to help owners triumphantly, confidently and emphatically conquer mud. The strategic mud packages, which includes dedicated snorkels, mud tires, exceptional clearance and the exclusive Smart-Lok technology, are ready to tame the messiest of trails. Every season is mud season!

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