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ITP Introduces New Black Ops Wheels


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Clinton, Tennessee, April 3, 2014 – ITP Tire & Wheel Company today announced that three of its most popular wheels will be available in a new matte black finish. The wheels include: the SD Dual Beadlock, the SS216 and the SS316 wheels.

Marketed under the name “Black Ops,” the new black wheels are built to meet the rugged demands of today’s side-by-side UTVs and feature a 1,000-pound load rating. ITP credits overall wheel strength to its advanced manufacturing process, which transforms high-grade aluminum into incredibly lightweight, ultra tough wheels.

“We decided to market the wheels under the ‘Black Ops’ namesake because they fit the styling profile of today’s UTV owners,” said Rhett Turpin, ITP Powersports Director of Sales & Marketing. “The new black finish is ‘stealth mode’ – it’s a great look and our customers are always looking for a new way to dress up – or down – their machines.”

The black SS216 and SS316 wheels feature ITP’s proprietary “Rock Armor” construction, which consists of an inner reinforced lip that adds a second, inside structural component. ITP warrants the SS216 and SS316 wheels against bending or breaking and offers a lifetime replacement warranty.

Introduced in 2013, ITP boasts the SD Dual Beadlock is the first beadlock wheel made from a single piece of aluminum. It’s backed by what the company calls “Total Tire Security.” No matter what happens to your tire, according to ITP, the company guarantees it will stay attached at both the inner and outer beads. The wheel itself features a two-year limited warranty against bending or breaking.

All three black wheels are available in 12″ x 7″ and 14″ x 7″ sizing and are topped with a tough protective clear coat finish. Matching wheel caps are included with each wheel.

Turpin said riders should find all three “Black Ops” wheels at their local dealers in May, 2014.