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Polaris RANGER®, the industry’s No.1 selling utility vehicles (UTV), continues to add to its industry-leading broadest lineup for model year 2016. To get more done from sun up to sun down, the versatile lineup consists of two-seat, full-size and CREW vehicles for hunt, farm, trail and mud.

For the customer looking for the ultimate combination of quality, performance and value, Polaris is introducing an all-new standard in full-size value, the RANGER 570 Full-Size, retailing at $9,999 U.S. With its 60 in/152.4 cm wide three-seat chassis, tubular ROPS, proven 44 horsepower ProStar® 570 engine that is rear-mounted for easier access, 1,500 lbs/680 kg of towing capacity and payload, and 800 lbs/362 kg bed capacity, the RANGER 570 Full-Size has all the features needed to be a hard-working, reliable partner.

To keep the ride smooth from the barn to the fields and everywhere in between, the RANGER 570 Full-Size features the legendary adjustable Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) found on all RANGER vehicles. Whether carrying heavier loads or unwinding with family and friends when the job is done, the versatility of the adjustable rear suspension and shock positions deliver. The RANGER 570 Full-Size, even at a value price, doesn’t compromise on comfort. Tilt steering, a roomy bench seat for three occupants and industry-leading storage solutions are standard premium comfort features available on the vehicle. Like all gas-powered RANGERs, the optional Speed Key allows the operator to limit the vehicle’s speed to 25 mph/40 kph when desired. The RANGER 570 Full-Size is available in Sage Green and Solar Red.


In order to conquer muddy trails, fields or worksites, Polaris took cues from the ultra-popular RZR XP® 1000 High Lifter Edition to take mud and utility to the next level on the all-new RANGER XP 900 EPS High Lifter Edition Stealth Black, the industry’s first three-seat mud riding machine.

Similar to its RZR cousin, the RANGER High Lifter Edition features reduced gearing for more mud-specific torque and added a heavy-duty reverse chain. To ensure the ProStar powerplant breathes, the unit has high engine air and clutch intakes and outlet which are essential for reliable performance. To tackle the toughest mud holes, the vehicle’s Pro-LockTM On-Demand All-Wheel Drive provides quicker four-wheel drive engagement to muscle through the mud. With arched lower A-Arms, 28 in/71.12 cm High Lifter Outlaw II tires and improved drainage skid plate, the RANGER XP 900 EPS High Lifter Edition is ready to tackle thick mud holes. And, sealed switches, fuse box and battery ensure optimal protection for vital components.

Standard Electronic Power Steering (EPS) means the machine handles the tough stuff while reducing driver fatigue. The RANGER XP 900 EPS High Lifter Edition Stealth Black is equipped with a 4,500 lbs/2041 kg winch with integrated in-dash switches, specially-designed front bumper that provides higher winch access and rear bumper. Standard half doors provide protection from branches and brush when traveling muddy trails and the High Lifter graphics kit is an endorsement from one of the leaders in mud riding.


Also new for the full-size line, the RANGER XP 900 and RANGER XP 570 vehicles feature an updated hood design with an aggressive new look. For maximum power delivery to the ground, the RANGER XP 900 EPS painted models, which include Sunset Red, Titanium Matte Metallic, Black Pearl, Hunter Edition, Velocity Blue and the Deluxe vehicles, are now equipped with Pro-Lock On-Demand All-Wheel Drive. In mold RANGER XP 900 and RANGER XP 900 EPS vehicles are available in Sage Green and Solar Red with a RANGER XP 900 also available in Polaris Pursuit® Camo. The RANGER XP 570 is available Sage Green, Solar Red and Polaris Pursuit Camo with an EPS model in Pearl White. Rounding out the full-size line is the RANGER Diesel in Sage Green.

Polaris also will continue to offer three Deluxe Package RANGER XP 900 EPS models:

  • RANGER XP 900 EPS Hunter Deluxe Edition now featuring Active Descent Control (ADC) for more controlled descents, even under load, making it perfect for hunts in mountainous terrain. Other features include a Pro-Fit Polaris Pursuit Camo cab with tip-out windshield and a rear glass panel, brush guards, nerf bars, heated seats, 4,500-lb/2041 kg Polaris HD winch, and Lock & Ride® Gun Scabbards.
  • RANGER XP 900 EPS NorthStar Deluxe Edition in Sunset Red for cold weather and work. The NorthStar Deluxe continues to offer a full premium Pro-Fit cab, fixed-glass windshield with windshield wipers, rear glass panel, dome light, rear view mirror, heater with defrost and heated seats.
  • RANGER XP 900 EPS Blue Fire Trail Edition with premium features such as ADC, Blue Fire Paint, cut-and-sew seats, Polaris HMW A-arm guards, HMW underbody skid plate, 4,500 lbs/2041 kg winch, front and rear brush guards, under box mud guard/fender flares, storage box, and a rear view mirror for the trail.

More power comes to the RANGER line with the addition of high output ProStar engines to the RANGER CREW 900-5, RANGER CREW 900-6 models, RANGER XP 570 and RANGER CREW 570-6. The RANGER CREW 900 models will now boast 68 horsepower, similar to the RANGER XP 900 models, and the RANGER XP 570 and RANGER CREW 570-6 will now feature 46 horsepower.

The RANGER CREW 900-5, RANGER CREW 900-6 and RANGER CREW 570-6 will receive the same updated hood styling as the full-size RANGER models. The RANGER CREW 900 painted models, which include Sunset Red, Velocity Blue, Titanium Matte Metallic and Polaris Pursuit Camo, will receive the Pro-Lock On-Demand All-Wheel Drive for quick 4WD engagement and pulling power. The two models also will come in In-Mold Sage Green without the Pro-Lock On-Demand All-Wheel Drive system. The RANGER CREW 570-6 will be available in Sage Green with an EPS model in Polaris Pursuit Camo. To round out the CREW offering, Polaris will continue to offer the RANGER CREW 570-4, with seating for four occupants, in Sage Green, Solar Red, Polaris Pursuit Camo and an EPS model in Graphite.


The two-seat line also introduces new models for 2016 including the RANGER EV Li-Ion Polaris Pursuit Camo, the industry’s first off-road vehicle with Lithium Ion Batteries, and the RANGER 570 EPS Hunter Edition Polaris Pursuit Camo.

The RANGER EV Li-Ion Polaris Pursuit Camo is one of the first vehicles resulting from Polaris’ partnership with Brammo Inc. and offers more than three times the total battery lifespan of traditional acid batteries and more than twice the range (50+ miles*) on one charge to ensure the vehicle spends and more time in use. Due to having fewer and lighter weight Lithium Ion Batteries, the vehicle is 462 lbs./210 kg lighter and accelerates faster than the Polaris lead-acid battery option.

To complement the Lithium-Ion battery technology, the pure electric RANGER EV Li-Ion Polaris Pursuit Camo features a refined electrical architecture and a single 48-volt, high-efficiency, AC-induction motor. The new system also features a Battery Management Controller which continuously monitors battery usage for a more accurate representation of battery life. A Vehicle Control Module (VCM) allows for a new digital gauge with speedometer and improved accessory integration. The vehicle also is equipped with on-vehicle diagnostics for easier servicing, and offers many of the hardest working, smoothest riding features found on the RANGER EV such as Pro-Lock On-Demand, True All-Wheel Drive, VersaTrac Turf Mode, class-leading towing, and exclusive Pro-FitTM and Lock & Ride® accessory integration.


The RANGER EV Li-Ion Polaris Pursuit Camo joins the RANGER EV, which is available in Avalanche Gray and Polaris Pursuit Camo, as Polaris’ Electric Off-Road Vehicle Offering for 2016.

Also new for 2016 to the two-seat line is the addition of the hunt-ready RANGER 570 EPS. Built specifically for the demands of hunting, the RANGER 570 EPS Hunter Edition Polaris Pursuit Camo features the revolutionary ADC system for more controlled descents, even under load, making it perfect for hunts in mountainous terrain. Along with ADC, this vehicle features the Pro- Lock On-Demand All-Wheel Drive system for quicker engagement and optimal traction.

To pull out big game or clear the trail on the way to the optimal hunting spot, RANGER 570 EPS Hunter Edition Polaris Pursuit Camo features a 3,500 lbs /1587kg winch. The vehicle also is outfitted with dual, Lock & Ride Gun Scabbards to provide easier transportation of firearms.

The RANGER two-seat line will continue to offer the RANGER 570 in Sage Green, Solar Red and Polaris Pursuit Camo with an EPS version in Sunset Red; and the RANGER ETX in Sage Green and White Lightning.


Polaris will offer a full line of Polaris Engineered AccessoriesTM for all 2016 RANGER vehicles making them the most versatile UTVs on the market. With more than 350 accessories available with revolutionary integration solutions such as the Lock & Ride Pro Fit cab systems and other easy-to-install Lock and Ride accessories, Polaris Engineered Accessories make it easy and fast to customize RANGER vehicles for a wide variety of tasks. Whether on the job site, in the tree stand or on the trail, Polaris offers intuitive accessory solutions to get the job done. New for 2016 is a complete lineup of storage options to maximize the cargo space on your RANGER, game-changing technology solutions that will make backing up to trailers easier than ever and a refreshed line of wheels and tires for whatever terrain you encounter on your ride.

Polaris Ranger 570 2016

Polaris Ranger 570 Crew 2016

Polaris Ranger 900 2016

Polaris Ranger 900 Crew 2016

Polaris Ranger 6X6 / Diesel / ETX / EV

More information about polaris’ whole line of off-road vehicle offerings and polaris engineered accessories can be found online at www.polaris.com.





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