Racer Tech XP 900 “Radlock”

Racertech Radlock


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Racer Tech’s new RADLOCK (RADius rod LOCK) system incorporates years of racing and brutal driving experience with equal manufacturing knowledge and ability in to one incredibly simple but amazingly effective design. The Racer Tech RADLOCK goes beyond any current aftermarket rear chassis gusset by overriding the factories less than adequate design of one single plate with zero shear strength.

Racer Tech engineers have learned through the years what kind of a toll a suspension can have on a chassis and its mounting points when the pivot bolts are left to withstand the stress of all the suspensions absorbed force from regular impacts incurred during normal driving or especially racing. The RADLOCK eliminates these concerns by encapsulating the RZR XP 900’s radius rods into its own self-contained unit allowing the bolts to do the only thing they should do, stay tight. This design also eliminates any concerns of the holes in the paper thin chassis from ever “egging” out. The inner mounting points on the XP 900 can be subjected to a horrible amount of load due to the 3-link suspension design. The Racer Tech RADLOCK eliminates any concern.

Tapping in to our years of manufacturing experience, we’ve found a cost effective way to produce an amazingly simple, strong, lightweight and GREAT looking product. There is no extra labor involved which allows us to continue filling the huge demand for our existing product line and all the other new things coming up.

The Racer Tech RADLOCK is the first of many new releases we and the industry have been LONG waiting to release. The RADLOCK is here to show we’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeve. By the end of this summer Racer Tech will be offering a FULL line of race-worth chassis and suspension accessories unlike anything the XP 900 market has seen yet.

The RADLOCK is now available for preorders. The first production run is in process and will begin shipping by the first of June 2012.

Replaces OEM inner radius rod mounting plate and strengthens mounting system and chassis while drastically increasing rear differential protection from impact.

  • 7GA AMERICAN steel
  • Made 100% in USA
  • “Locks” all four radius rods into “register plate”.
  • Parts key together into each other and create a stronger, more rigid system than anything else available on the market.
  • Works with Racer Tech exclusive radius rod spacers (available separately to adapt other aftermarket radius rods) or designed to work with OEM radius rods.
  • Allows access to rear differential drain plug.
  • Customizable with custom color combinations of logo backing plates
  • Works with all Racer Tech accessories.
  • Custom cover plates are available for additional options including tow hooks, hitch mounts and “case saver” mini bumper systems coming soon.
  • Fit’s ALL model and year Polaris XP 900’s including XP4.
  • Compact design clears and works with almost any other aftermarket accessory

For more information on this product, visit Racer Tech