TireJect Tire Repair Sealant

TireJect Tire Repair Sealant


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Looking for the best solution to flat tires? – TireJect™ is redefining the tire sealant market with Dupont® Kevlar™ fiber. The unique tire sealant solves the woes of using traditional tire sealants and TireJect™ can be applicated to fix a flat tire or proactively protect against flat tires. Anyone that has experience with traditional tire sealants like Slime, Quadboss, Fix-a-flat, etc. might be familiar with the pitfalls that follow using these products. The traditional tire sealants are known as heavy base because of the thick, chunky consistency that is more like a gel than a liquid.

The first common pitfall of heavy base tire sealant is the tire balance issues caused by the viscous gel like liquid that can lump to one side of your tire. This will not happen with TireJect™ tire sealant because it is a thin base liquid that is near the consistency of milk. Tire balance issues do not happen with TireJect™ because the low viscosity liquid instantly distributes itself around the tire while rotating. Additionally, TireJect™ tire sealant is not lumpy and will not change consistency or thicken like traditional tire sealants.

The second common pitfall of the traditional tire sealants is the longevity of the repair. Traditional tire sealants either use harmful solvents that can damage your tire (more on this in section four) or they use a glycol base that is thick and oily. The problem with glycol base tire sealants is the oily, greasy characteristics of the gel will continue to ooze from any punctures or leaks and never actually seal the air leak. As you can imagine, it is common for these traditional tire sealants to lose air pressure over time and once again go flat. TireJect™ tire sealant on the other hand provides a permanent seal because of the liquid rubber and Kevlar™ fiber. These key ingredients work together to form a liquid rubber plug that is reinforced with the Kevlar™ fiber and adheres the plug into the air leak for a permanent seal.

These key ingredients work together to form a liquid rubber plug that is reinforced with the Kevlar™ fiber and adheres the plug into the air leak for a permanent seal.

The third common pitfall is the mess left in your tires when it comes time to replace them. Many tire shops will actually charge extra to do maintenance on tires that have been applicated with any heavy base, traditional tire sealant. Tire shops do this because it takes more time and labor to break the bead, clean the rim, and clean the mess created on the shop floor. Additionally, it can be dangerous changing a tire if the tire sealant has a flammable solvent or aerosol propellant, although flammable tire sealants are not as common these days. When looking at TireJect™ you will find that there is little to no mess while replacing tires. How is this possible? – The thin base liquid is 100% water soluble and near the consistency of milk.

This means the tire sealant is not thick and slathered to the interior of the tire and bead like traditional tire sealants. Instead, TireJect™ tire sealant’s thin base and low viscosity allows it to quickly puddle to the lowest point when the tire is not rotating. This makes tire replacement and general clean-up very easy by either wiping out the excess with a bucket of cold water and a rag or simply rinsing it out with a low pressure garden hose. You can watch videos on the TireJect™ YouTube channel (youtube.com/tireject) that demonstrates the easy clean up. Additionally, if it has been 18 or more months since the last application of TireJect™ tire sealant, the liquid will build into an evenly distributed thin rubber like film on the inside of the tire and very little liquid will be left for virtually no mess.


The fourth common pitfall faced while using old traditional tire sealants are the ingredients that can damage your tire, rim and the environment. First up, solvent based tire sealants that work by softening the rubber and essentially melting the rubber to seal the air leak. This typically only works for smaller leaks and the worst part is that over time it can cause pre-mature dry rot and cracking of your tire. Next up are glycol based tire sealants. Most tire sealants of this type will stay liquid for the life of the tire causing concern for rust or corrosion over time.

We have heard stories of the tire bead rusting to the rim and making tire dismounts very difficult when glycol based tire sealants are left inside the tire for long periods of time. Now let’s move on to the environmental friendly component. There are many environmentally friendly heavy base tire sealants out on the market, but I would say there is an equal amount of tire sealants that are not. This is from the use of a moderately toxic chemical known as ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is used as an anti-freeze and preservative in some traditional tire sealants so they stay in a gel/liquid form; this chemical is toxic and bad for the environment.

While developing TireJect™ tire sealant we focused on 3 aspects. First it had to be effective and offer a permanent seal for all areas of the tire; tread, sidewall and bead leaks. Second, it had to be safe for your tire, rim and the environment. Third, it had to be easy to clean up, easy to install and not cause you headaches down the road like traditional tire sealants that cause tire balance issues and problems with tire replacement.

Tireject easy to clean.
Easy to clean up, easy to install and not cause you headaches down the road like traditional tire sealants that cause tire balance issues and problems with tire replacement.

Who is TireJect™ and how did they get started?

TireJect™ is family owned and operated. The company was born with the invention of the tire sealant injector used to make tire sealant application faster and easier. The injector was originally used by tire sealant companies in the bicycle industry, and we were approached by other companies to white label tire sealant with the TireJect™ brand. We started testing traditional tire sealant products… we tested tire sealant after tire sealant and they all had one thing in common, they simply were not effective and did not work. This is where the next venture of TireJect™ started, being disappointed in all our tested tire sealants, we set out to make our own. The end result is a totally re-formulated tire sealant that uses the strength of Dupont® Kevlar™ and liquid rubber to permanently plug the tire from the inside. We created a product that we stand behind and when paired with our sealant injector it turns into a highly effective, easy to use system that will fix and protect your tires to save you time and money.

If you have doubted tire sealants in the past you need to take a second look at TireJect™ products and join the riders who have discovered the new way to fix and prevent flat tires!

TireJect™ is available in Canada and distributed by Kimpex.