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Kawasaki Fishing Excursion

Kawasaki Fishing Excursion - As part of our ultimate fishing excursion series, this year we visit Beauregard Lodge powered by Kawasaki Motors Canada.

An Alaska Adventure With Destination Polaris

This is Destination Polaris’ top trip of the year and we start in Anchorage, Alaska’s most popular destination.

Destination Polaris – Exploring Quebec’s Upper-Laurentians

Destination Polaris - Exploring Quebec’s Upper-Laurentians - We explore the Quebec’s Upper-Laurentians with Destination Polaris.

A Can-Am Commander Max And A Couple Of Fishing Poles

The Can-Am Commander Max is a perfect platform for adventure fishing. The 85-HP engine gives enough power to haul you, three passengers and all of your gear.

Roaming The Outdoors In Our Polaris General 1000

The Polaris General 1000 is a very well powered machine, I had no worries about getting to a great spot through any type of terrain.

Adventurous Polaris Ace

Having an off road machine like the Polaris ACE 900 gives the adventurous outdoorsman a way to get to the really far out places and hidden fishing holes.